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Philips SimplyGo

  • A portable oxygen concentrator that improves the quality of life of patients receiving long-term oxygen therapy and enables them to participate in active life.
    • High oxygen delivery capacity (2lt./min.)
    • Easy to use touch panel
    • Lightweight design.
    • Li-ion battery 1lt./min. It provides power for 2 hours in continuous flow mode and approximately 3 hours in pulse mode 2.
    • Spare batteries can be easily replaced for longer use. Battery weight 700 gr.
    • Built-in bacteria filter.
    • Working in 3 modes.
    • Pulse Mode: SimplyGo detects your breathing and delivers oxygen accordingly.
    • Continuous Flow Mode: 0.5 – 2 lt/min. continuously sends oxygen
    • Sleep Mode: Pulse mode with increased sensitivity for a more accurate sense of night breathing. If no breaths are detected for a certain period of time, SimplyGo will automatically switch to the last used continuous flow mode.
    • Alarms: Low oxygen purity, No breathing, Excessive breathing, Flow stop, Low battery, Completely dead battery, Wrong battery, Technical malfunction.
    • Concentrator; The bag is supplied with a foldable trolley, mains adapter and 1 battery.

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