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Philips Amara Full Face Mask

Amara is a full face mask but it definitely doesn't look like it because; Lightweight, smaller and less intimidating with a minimalist design. In fact, Amara is smaller and lighter than leading traditional full face masks and features a “click” design that makes it beautiful to use. Amara gives you both gel and silicone pillow options to determine comfort preferences.

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It consists of few parts, now it is very easy to wash and reassemble the mask.


With its light structure, it is much more comfortable than old-style face masks.



  • With its flexible mask silicone, it provides protection from pressure pains on the face.

  • Thanks to its adjustable forehead support, it prevents pressure on the nose.

  • It allows you to turn the hose in the direction you want with its 360 degree rotating elbow system.

  • Easy to put on and take off thanks to the clips on the headband.

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