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Nuance Pro Gel Mask

A new standard in nasal pillow masks…

Philips Respironics Nuance..

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Philips Respironics, the world leader in gel nasal pillow masks, has improved sealing and comfort.

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Among the nasal pillow masks on the market, Nuance Pro Gel is the mask that least irritates the nostril and causes the least discomfort.

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It has a non-slip headband to keep the mask stable.

It is light and easy to use.

​ ​

In the Pro Gel model, thanks to the gel on the cheek, it provides enhanced stability throughout the night and does not create red marks.

There are 3 sizes of tampons in the package (Small, Medium, Large)

Nuance_Pro_Gel_Nasal_Pillow_mask_1 (1).j
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