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4 Motors
Patient Bed


If the difficulties experienced in the home care process are eliminated, patients can have the opportunity to live in a much better quality and healthy environment. The most important fixture that facilitates the home care process is; sick beds. The motion functions of the patient beds facilitate the daily life of both the patient and the caregiver.

Width: 115 cm Length: 212 cm Internal Dimension: 95 x 195 cm Lowest Bed without Ground Height: 37 cm Lowest Bed from Ground: 49 cm Highest without Bed from Ground: 82 cm Highest from Ground without Bed: 94 cm Side rail Width (thickness) Length Height: 3 x 72 x 28 cm Distance Between Bed and Railing: 7 cm Space Between Two Railings Side by Side: 13 cm

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4 Motorized Patient Bed Features

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  • 4 Motorized Trendelenburg patient cot moves with the help of hand control.

  • 4 Both the person caring for the patient and the patient can use the hand control of the motorized patient bed.

  • In 4 motors full abs patient bed; It has the ability to raise and lower the back and feet, rise and fall on the ground, trendelenburg & anti-trendelenburg movement and semi-seat position.

  • 4 Side rails on the motorized trendelenburg patient bed have the ability to move separately.

  • 4 Motorized patient bed has a carrying capacity of 230 kg.

  • The engine used in the hospital bed with 4 motors; They are "t-motion" brand piston engines.

  • For the set price of 4 motorized patient beds; laser cut patient bed, pad, serum hanger are included.

  • 4 The wheels of the motorized hospital bed do not scratch the surface and can be locked separately.

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