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2 Motors
Patient Bed

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2-motor full abs patient bed is one of the most preferred patient bed models that will facilitate the care of patients in the home care process. It allows the patient's back to be brought to an upright position and the foot part to be raised and lowered. The 4-part side rails in the 2-motor full abs patient bed allow the patient to get up and sit by taking support from the side rail. Therefore, it is one of the most preferred products due to the movement functions and side rails it provides.

Width: 110 cm Length: 205 cm Internal dimension: 90 x 190 cm Height without bed: 42 cm Height with bed: 54 cm Side rail Width (thickness) Length Height: 3 x 72 x 28 cm Distance Between Bed and Railing: 7 cm Space Between Two Side Rails: 13 cm

2 Motorized Beds Features

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  • 2 In order to raise and lower the back or foot part of the motorized patient bed, the keys on the remote are used.

  • 2 The motorized patient bed allows the back and feet of the patient to be raised and lowered.

  • Each of the 4 side rails in the 2 motorized patient beds has a shock absorber system and can be lifted and lowered separately.

  • 2 The maximum recommended carrying capacity of the motorized bed is 90 kg.

  • Next to the product; 12 cm medical foam mattress, under pad (protective cover), serum hanger are provided.

  • The 4 wheels on the 2 motorized full patient bed can be locked separately. If the locking system of one of the wheels is broken, the other wheels will prevent the patient bed from sliding and rocking.

  • The manufacturer of 2 motorized hospital beds is Platin Bed.

  • The height of the product from the ground is 57 cm

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