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  • Ever Flo provides high performance at very low cost. It has been designed with a small size, quiet operation, ease of use and low cost. Another advantage of the EverFlo oxygen concentrator device is that it does not require frequent maintenance. Thanks to this system, you will undoubtedly be your star, only 14 kg. You will not only be able to find solutions to your and your patients' expectations with a generator that weighs in, but you will also be able to provide significant savings in your oxygen therapy costs.

    A Low-Maintenance Star That Will Make Your Life Easier

    EverFlo has been developed from the initial design stage to deliver stable and trouble-free performance and save on overall maintenance costs. A built-in flowmeter and metal cannula connector are used to reduce the risk of accidental fall and breakage. The silent operation of the EverFlo oxygen concentrator device and the easy attachment of the humidifier bottle connection will reduce the demands and complaints from your patients; This way you will spend less time and money.

    Small footprint, elegant design and ease of use

    One of the most important factors that distinguishes the EverFlo oxygen concentrator device from its peers is its size. Only 14 kg. The weight of EverFlo, which has a 3-year warranty, is both light and low in size, reducing the cost of transportation and storage, as well as reducing the risk of injury.

    Philips Ever Flo Oxygen Concentrator

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