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Philips Amara View Mask

Philips Amara View Maske.jpg

A full face mask that offers comfort, performance and wide field of vision.

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Amara View is unique among full face masks with its under-nasal placement to prevent irritation and redness on the bridge of the nose.


  • Its creative design prevents the formation of red, uncomfortable and irritated areas on the bridge of the nose.

  • The lightest and smallest solution among leading full face masks

  • Widest field of view among leading full-face masks

  • Opportunity to use glasses, read books and watch TV

  • Put an end to heavy pillow and frame problems before your eyes


  • Creative under-nose design

  • Open wide field of view allowing the use of glasses, reading books and watching TV

  • Does not cause irritation and red area on the bridge of the nose

  • Easy to use with a single frame module suitable for all pillow sizes

  • Accelerating tabs for easy putting on and taking off the mask

  • Quick disconnection

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