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3 Motors
Patient Bed


3 motor abs patient bed; It is one of the elevator patient beds models with a maximum carrying capacity of 90 kg, recommended for the use of bedridden patients. 3 motorized patient beds are used because of the convenience they provide in patient care. One of the main problems encountered in patient care is changing the patient's diaper. The fact that the patient bed can be raised and lowered provides the users with an easier care facility. It is a scissor system patient bed model, which is preferred because of the comfort it offers to 3 motorized patient beds.

Width: 100 cm Length: 202 cm Internal Dimension: 90 x 190 cm Lowest Bed Ground Height: 42 cm Lowest Bed Ground Height: 55 cm Highest No Bed Ground Height: 83.5 cm Highest Bed Ground Height: 96 cm Side Railing Width (thickness) Length Height: 3 x 153 x 33.5 cm

3 Motorized Patient Bed Features

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  • 3 Movements provided by the motorized elevator patient bed are performed with the help of the keys on the control.

  • 3 Thanks to the ability to raise and lower the back and feet of the motorized abs patient bed, the patient can be put in a semi-sitting position.

  • 3 Motorized hospital bed can be raised and lowered.

  • The aluminum side rails in the product can be lowered and lifted in one piece.

  • 3 Motorized elevator patient bed is recommended for use by patients with a maximum of 90 kg.

  • 3 high quality t-motion brand motors with a carrying capacity of 6000 newtons are used in the 3 motor abs patient bed.

  • Set price of 3 motorized hospital bed; laser cut patient bed, pad, serum hanger are included.

  • 3 The wheels of the motorized abs patient bed do not scratch the surface and can be locked separately.

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