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Fisher Paykel RT-040


RT-040 Full Face Mask provides you more movement and more comfort with its new structure.

The integrated T-piece in the forehead support system of the RT-040 oranazal mask adds stability to the mask, while the soft silicones fit perfectly to increase sleep performance.

With its structure that grips the face under the chin, it eliminates the need for an extra chin strap and gives the patient freedom.

With its ease of use and fit, the RT-040 full face mask is the pioneer of the new generation masks.

It offers a comfortable experience in mask use.

RT040, designed in 3 different sizes;

  • small,

  • medium,

  • large

It easily adapts to all facial structures with its size options.

Ideal for those looking for an economical and comfortable mask.


FlexiFit Technology - Easy to put on and take off thanks to the special design

Glider Strap - Moving cord that grips the mask from the front

Under-Chin Design - A design that allows a more stable treatment by sitting under the chin

T-Piece Mask Base – Simple but very comfortable forehead that is not fixed to any complicated adjustments.

Advanced Air Diffuser – Maintenance-free air diffuser that quietly removes air from patient and partner

Frosted Silicone Seal - A pillow that adapts to the contours of the face thanks to the frosted surface made of soft material.

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